Lily Cason — California

Lily Cason from pleasant hill is a c0ck sucker and made her way up from being a recruiter to manager by sucking all the d1cks. once she was caught asking one of the senior guys for money and grabbing his crotch. He was a top dog, married with 4 kids. Another time after the work’s done, the client gave her cash in front of the building. Everyone knows her knows she’s sketch. she was recently let go of AMN. She now works at UCSF. It’s no secret that she steals money from men and medical supplies from her work. let’s see how long does it take before UCSF fire her a55. She will steal anything she spots, and spreads her legs to anyone who looks her way. She was seen at the grocery store neglecting her kid. No wonder why her ex divorced her, she’s nasty. She uses her kid to scam money off men and to get welfare and disability aids. That poor kid has been taught by Lily to steal and to perform sex acts on her sugar daddies. The kid showed up in class one day wearing high-heel dress shoes, had press-on nails which were overtly sexually provocative and age inappropriate. She was arrested on spot at TarG in pleasant hill shopping center for shop lifting and before that she was arrested for grand theft and soliciting child for prostitution.


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