Kimberly Tien – Las Vegas, Nevada

Kimberly Tien aka [REDACTED] on instagram will spread her legs for any and every guy that is willing to wine and dine her however there’s a catch.. you must have loads of money to buy her designer clothes, shoes, jewelry, and of course take her on vacations. Well, maybe not loads of money but at least a few thousand to take her shopping. She’s able to live lavishly by screwing the men she meets working as a bottle service girl at [REDACTED]. The more bottles you buy or the more jewelry you have on will set off her sugar daddy radar. She has a pretty face but has definitely gotten a lot of work done. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for her pu55y considering all the guys she’s fuking it’s been Run through and now considered community pu55y.. be sure to wrap it up fellas. Just recently she was arrested in April 2020 because some poor schmuck from Sydney flew her out to Hawaii where they have strict quarantine measures. But of course, her hopes of becoming an aspiring influencer , she posted to her Instagram where police were notified by the hotel and resulted in a man hunt. If you’re looking for an easy lay and have some money to blow, she’s your girl but i wouldn’t expect a good fuck since she’s doing the bare minimum for some shoes, clothes and jewelry. . Currently she is doing a Pyramid scheme selling Monat skincare products. Does she really think people believe that on a bottle service income at a subpar club and shady side gig can pay for her lifestyle? Ex) Hermès bags, AP watch, and first class flights to Dubai? She must’ve gotten her job at Marquee as a tactic to find men to be an escort for. She has no shame and has also screwed married men. It doesn’t matter what you look like as long as you have the money to blow, she will meet you after she shift at the club and spread wide eagle.


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