Kari Huckaba – Florida

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The week before Christmas, all our family were in for the holidays. I was on his phone talking to another relative when a text message came through, it sounded like Kari was arguing with my husband about something that had went on between the two of them… as I was reading it one thing stood out more then the rest “the last 4 years we have been together was just a waste of time” after reading the message I lost it, the more he tried to hush me the louder I got… He has denied having any kinda of relationship outside of our marriage, but I’ve known there was someone else for years, this last year I have done everything I could do, to catch them, or collect enough proof of the affair, while doing this I still had no idea who he was having an affair with. I found out that Kari was going by his work and hanging around for hours with him. Then I found out that Kari had been talking to my husband on an daily basis, some days several times a day. When I question my husband he said it was to get paperwork she needed for her court case against her ex-husband, at first I believed him until I found out how may times she was calling, texting, and that she was spending time with him. When I confronted him he dismissed me by saying “Whatever” I’m in complete shock, Kari has always maintained that if a woman is sleeping with a married man, she was a HOMEWRECKER. Now that she’s doing it I guess her views have changed. My husband and Kari deny everything but I looked through his iPhone to see where he had been, his frequent visits had been to a house on Hwy 147, which just so happens to be exactly where Kari lives. I’m posting today to tell all women if your gut tells you something is going on listen to it, don’t second guess yourself. Kari Huckaba is a real piece of work, she’s played the victim for years telling everyone who would listen about her best friend and husbands affair, but she’s definitely no victim. I honestly think she uses that story to get people to feel sorry for her and then while you’re feeling sympathetic to her, Kari shacks up with your husband. Granted my husband had a part in it to, but Kari knew what she was doing. My husband definitely has a choice to make if he wants to keep his little girlfriend, that’s just fine but I’m going to get his money at the end of the day. Kari Huckaba can take the credit for my husband losing everything he’s worked so hard for his entire life. KARI HUCKABA IS NOTHING MORE THAN A TRASHY HOME WRECKER WHO DISGUISES HERSELF AS AN INNOCENT VICTIM…. This women is pure trash, but it’s a small town so it will make it’s way around.

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