Jun Ho Yi – California

Junho Yi cheated the first week he started dating his new girlfriend. On Valentines day, he came to her door with flowers and a Valentines card which was sweet, until she found a big dark hickey on his neck which she never gave him. After being questioned , He insisted that the other girl jumped at him and “could not do anything about it”. Girlfriend is stupid and stays with him.

For a year, He controlled her telling her that she could not have a snapchat, instagram, facebook, or any social media accounts. She wasn’t even allowed to talk to guys and was forced to delete her male contacts as well. He wouldn’t let her wear makeup or shorts. Anything that showed skin, made him call her a s*** and a w****. He was physically abusive as well. He punched her arm, brusing it, and pushed her against the wall after she crushed his cigarettes during an argument.Girlfriend gets pregnant because he refused wearing a condom and wouldnt let his girlfriend get birth control in fear that she might sleep around. He was insecure and controlling.


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