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Married this guy after a 6 year relationship, 4 years living together. 8 days later, I found a note in his wallet from Joanne, a married co-worker. The note said “It’s about the key but you can sit there all day, I don’t mind watching you work”. It appears it had been in his wallet for a long time (creases were old). After finding it, I left it out for him to explain. He refused and by the end of the day he was telling me he wasn’t in love with me anymore. I was a newlywed looking for a lawyer to get me out of the marriage less than 10 days after I got married. I had no clue my relationship was in trouble. For three months following, he gave me some 10 different reasons why he left. The real reason turned out to be that he was having an affair with his married co-worker, hid it from me by telling me she was his boss (was a lie) and apparently she was now leaving her husband. Less than a month later, they were living together after he left. About 5 months later, he show’s up at my house crying and very upset. She got a restraining order on him and he had no where to go…. He starts telling me she was a rebound and that he was still in love with me when he left. As he’s sitting on my couch expressing his guilt, his phone rings and it’s her. He takes off and then tries to tell me he was just showing up to get me not to contact her family. Best guess is she was sitting next to him when we last spoke. He’s a pathological lying snake. The reality is I got played by this loser after having been with him for 6 years. It makes me sick when I think of all the things I did for him and the sacrifices I made in our relationship. He plays women and likely has his whole life. There’s really no telling how many women there were. There were signs throughout the relationship but I believed this players excuses every time he crafted one. He plays the victim to get attention from women. He lies to other people about you and how “you” treat him. It’s all lies. Fact is, he’s no victim, he’s a Narcissistic abuser who lies about everything and takes advantage of everyone in his life who show’s him any kindness. I’ve moved on and I can tell you, life is much better without this abuser. I just feel like warning women is the only thing I can do to regain my dignity and to ensure this player doesn’t get to collect anymore victims. I should have put him in jail for the things he did to me years ago. It’s really where he belongs… back in the hole he crawled out of.


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