Chris Young – Tennessee

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Chris Young is a liar and an absolute snake. He lures young and unsuspecting women from Nashville bars into his bed and he uses them as sex dolls until he has had his fill. He leads them on and makes you think you are so special to him and sometimes even in an entire relationship such as my case. Newsflash… if you think you are dating Chris Young… Think again. You’re not! You are a pathetic bar girl just like me. He has sex with a different girl every week. I found he was staying with four other women when he and I were together!. He will literally let the communication slowly die and trail off and leave u wondering where he is because he’s not a real man. He cancels plans and crushes women and lies lies lies. I know bc I was one of them.I fell in complete love with him!. I had what I thought was an entire relationship with him. I thought I was his girlfriend but he was just scared and didn’t want people to know. We talked of a future and trips and dreams and kids. This was for four months of my life. I was at his neck and call but it was all on his terms. And of course…. Anytime I try to post online his “team” of people have it deleted, so I know this will be gone in a matter of days or weeks. Us women should band together and stop; ladies I know you are out there

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