Carol Jean Pulci – California

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Carol jean pulci and I have been a couple for 3 yrs. we have lived together for 2 yrs. in the last 6-8 months she has been caught talking, dating , & having sexual intercourse with at least 3 different men in that time span. She also left me for 7 days no phone calls from her or any communication. She has called the police on me for no reason other than her own shame and guilt. On 2-14-18 carol came home from work and was very mean and nasty to me. She got in her car and yelled “oh by the way I have HIV”!and drove away. She disappeared for 7 days before returning home to her family and I . She came with police and falsified information and had me removed from propert, with out any notice to vacate or documents. She then broke up with me over a voice mail that she left for me. She is a habitual lier and cheater and drug addict she has her deceased ex husband’s ashes in her locker at work and is a daily law breaker and needs to be stopped.

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