Carla Vancamp — Tupelo, Mississippi

This girl Caria Vancamp is as evil as they come! She comes across as this dainty, innocent person that has had issues with her ex’s – when we dated she talked about a “stalker” that was actually someone she dated and lied to me about. She has an obsession with sending nude photos to men. She sends them quickly! I dated her for 5 months during that time I can’t imagine how many men she slept with – she would say that she loved her ex bf and when confronted on how that would work she became evil – she has a beautiful body but is worthless in bed and her skills are not great! My understanding is she screwed her personal trainer while married and screwed around on the “stalker” who actually was a descent guy. He told me of addictions to Rx’s – she was only concerned about her hair, her butt and her clothes. Her son, whose dad had passed even warned me to leave that she does this to men. Although I was single I am certain she cheated on me and 20 days after we had broken it off she was sleeping with a black guy – she would text her ex’s constantly – her ex husband even called and told me what she would do when they exchanged their daughter – she’s a ***** that more than likely has a mental illness. Don’t be fooled men – she will seduce you and get you to pay for things while saying she doesn’t take from anybody – she works at Barnes Crossing Kia and probably keeps her job because she uses her body and sex to maintain. Scary thing is the ex bf (the stalker) and I had same pictures and almost same story – she took him to court and the judge laughed at her. This is an evil and terrible mother and woman! Oh and don’t let her body fool you she is terrible in bed! Karma is patient and Karma is not kind! Men you may think you can handle it or just have a trust with her but she will suck your bank account dry –  her family knows all about her and they enable her- people are scared of her because she is evil and she can bat her eyes at a male and they will believe every lying word that comes out of her mouth – Women -watch your man!


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