Ashley Mae Mahan — Montrose, Colorado

Ashley Mae Mahan went to Telluride with my husband and his friend Jarod. Idk if she was cleaning the hotel they worked at or just tagged along. Anyways my husband got off from his second job at the liquor store and returned to the Hotel room where Jarid and Ashley had been staying and drinking. It was obvious that Karid wanted to sleep with Ashley but Ashley adamantly refuses unless “She could f*** Josh too” Jarid pushes that nasty woman on top of my husband and told him to just have sex with her and she started grinding and rubbing my husband and from there on out she let both Jarid and Josh have sex with her at the same time. Idk if she knew my husband was married, I am sure she did because my a hole husband was open about being married and having kids. This nasty woman also has slept with half of the town of Montrose. These Montrose girls are disgusting and don’t give a damn about anyone else but themselves.


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