Sarah Beth Carper — Broken Bow, Oklahoma

This woman Sarah Beth Carper is horrible and really dumb! To make a long story short she slept with my husband in our home, in his truck, and on his boat that I got for him on his birthday. I found them in a motel together but instead of losing my shit and giving them satisfaction I simply told her that everything he has done to me he will do to you and then some! She was so desperate to have him she took her birth control out of her arm and didn’t tell him. I believe him on this point because I realized when he lies the story changes but when he tells the truth it stays the same. So they move in together at his dads house 


where she buys him an expensive wolf pup and one for herself….mind you they dont even have a home of their own for these dogs. Again, fast forward a bunch of drama….they now live together in a shitty tiny house with her son and their baby. The last he confided in me was that he caught her selling herself to a married man for money (making plans to meet via text) and that she gave him clamydia! Granted since all his shit came out I now know he is a pathological liar so he may have gave it her. Everything they did to me still hurts (did I mention they would meet and screw at the cemetery down the road from our house?) But I get satisfaction everytime I see her because he has already changed her and not for the better. She used to have her done, make up on and dressed slu**y. (There is a difference between sexy and slu**y) and on the go. Now she sits at home in her dirty little house taking care of two kids, two cats and three dogs….cooking and taking care of him while he “works late” and she honestly thinks he has changed for her. It was two weeks ago he he tried getting me into a dumb conversation about how I still have an effect on him. But okay sarah.. your special….he changed for you!


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