Rodney Ballard – North Carolina

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Rodney likes to meet women on dating sites. For single ladies out there, this one comes across as one hell of a catch. 51 years old, good job, handsome, funny, sweet……You won’t suspect a thing. Rodney likes to tell you exactly what you want to hear, but make no mistake he will have at least one girlfriend at all times. You will never suspect he isn’t single, but he isn’t. A women in her 50’s named Rhonda recently found out after 4 months of thinking she was the only one. Rodney likes to keep his ex Christine on the permanent string. She was living in MN since July, but she was flying into town once or twice a month for an over night or weekend the entire time he was with Rhonda. Then Rodney meets and dates a woman named Dawn for almost 6 months. They are together all the time, share the same circle of friends, and seem like the perfect couple. BUT….Christine was still flying in & sleeping with Rodney the entire time. This one won’t go away, and he won’t stop seeing other people. He’s the best liar I’ve ever seen. Beware ladies. He’s not worth the heartache.

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