Michael Ray Hogan – Indiana

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Michael R. Hogan is a serial philanderer, manipulator, narcissist, bigot, and user. He will use women until something better comes along. He frequents prostitutes both while in and between relationships. The money he flashes around is not his own but his disabled uncle’s. The house he brags about being his also belongs to his uncle. If you have sons, he will tell you that he will “mentor” them while he plots all the free labor he intends to make them do. He obsesses over one crazy conspiracy theory after another. He is only worth less than $1000/month from disability. If he marries, he loses that and his uncle’s income stream goes bye-bye when he passes, leaving Mike penniless once again. He has never worked to support a woman or family in his entire life. He is emotionally, verbally and psychologically abusive. Like most men who are unfaithful, he is pathologically jealous. They project their own unfaithful tendencies onto their current mates. If his mate stands up to him, he will blame her family or loved ones for her show of backbone, instead of taking responsibility for causing the problem. He will dismantle her self esteem until she is firmly under his control. He will alienate her from her family support system. He will refer to his current relationship in possessive terms. He comes up with one money-making scheme after another and the only one that has ever worked for him is getting control of his uncle’s income. I, personally, would not trust him with a teenaged or young adult daughter. He is likely to use a teenaged son as free labor, nicely at first, until he feels certain of his psychological dominance over the mother. He will use a continuing stream of gifts to lure a woman in. He will spout off about being Christian to gain trust. His later behavior will likely prove to be most un-Christian. He never accepts responsibility. Everything is always someone else’s fault. He is extremely abusive to service people on the phone, in restaurants, at the store. He has been abusive toward pets, especially cats, but he has choked dogs on a choker chain and kicked dogs when they get in his way. Oh, and be aware, if he needs money for pot, he will pawn things. Usually YOUR things or your kids things. He will look for some tiny infraction of his rules so he can claim that taking the children’s things is “punishment” and he will use the money from the pawn to get whatever it is he wants the money for. He collects mountains of unsightly junk that seldom gets used for anything but it will be all over your house, yard and garage. He also has a history of telling wild stories about his neighbors and turning all his neighbors into enemies. If you or a loved one is involved with him, ESPECIALLY if there are children involved, you need to RUN at the first signs of these behaviors when he gets confident enough to start showing his true colors. If it is your loved one, he will try to alienate you from her. She needs you now more than ever. Don’t abandon her to him. He is incapable of sustaining any change to keep a relationship the way it should be. He will change only long enough to manipulate her back into his control and will revert to his old behaviors. He is also extremely vindictive. Like most bullies, once a male stands up to him, he tucks his tail but will be mouthy again from a safe distance.

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