Michael John Duggins Jr – Florida

BEWARE OF THIS HEROIN JUNKIE!! Michael is a animal that preys on women and pretends to be a guy that just fell hard on his luck and needs a friend.He lies about his childhood,family and even kills off random people in his family for sympathy.Once he does that he lures women into trusting him,dating him and then pretends to fall in love with them.Michael has dated four women at the same time went to jail multiple times and had these women sending him money and pretending to one day wisp them away and marry them! Them when he’s on his heroin binge he steals computers,radios,clothes shoes and jewelryfrom the women ,children and even his family pawns it!Not to mention he sleeps with all these women unprotected and even got one pregnant while living with one,begging the other for money pretending to be homeless and


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