Marivel Yvette Herrera – North Dakota

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This so called pastor will break up a family without a second thought. She hides behind the Word of God likes she cares about people and keeping families together.

But in actuality, she’s pursuing the husband. She goes after married men without a second thought, all while being married herself. Hence, all the last names. She cheated on her husband who tried to kill her and himself when he found out by running into a highway median at a high speed. They both almost died from their injuries. Don’t you know this hard headed w ***** is back to her old ways after surviving that accident. Now she’s after other two guys, who both have a wife and kids. And on top of that, she has stabbed one or two of her victims. She is a crazy ***** who loves drama and should have never been allowed to preach the word of God! It’s unbelievable that she is or has been considered a pastor. This bottom of the barrel broad is a homewrecking w ***** . Bossier City and surrounding areas, you have been warned!! This ***** is loose.

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