Lynette Chileen

This is true trailer trash, this over fifty bitch with a fat ass, and one smelly STD infested cvnt, has been prowling date sites for years, Zoosk, POF picking up any man, she lives in a fuking dump barn on her parents property north of Morinville, Westlock whore she likes them old because no one her own age would be stupid enough to fuk her ugly face, the older the better, married or not fat, short tall shell fuk em all. As long as your hard she’ll fuck and suck till you have no balls left, she fuked me and my friends all in the same week, in her barn home or at any hotel she’ll even drive there or across the county to get laid. You’ll even get in between bonuses too, she’ll have FaceTime sex phone sex she’ll send you videos of her masterbating, and she’ll shove her vibrator so far up her cvnt you’ll think she’ll loose the fuking thing. Plays the little innocent, sweet country gal, but let me tell you guys, she’s as dirty as they get. Her nasty STD hole, will leave your dick full of permanent herpes sores, and burning like a bitch, Only she won’t tell you her little secret until it’s to late. So if you have no issues with STDs this sloppy whore is always wet and ready all ya have to do is say Hi! She’s DTF and giving a lifetime gift….thanks you ugly fat old whore


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