Lee Frank – Iowa

Claims that his penis is average size, but in reality he’s got a tiny cock. Also he could never satisfy a woman.. especially not his wife.

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Lee actually just loves to jerk off and he wants you to watch him jerk off he’s not embarrassed that his cock is OK but he sure has a lot of spirit and personality while stroking. Kelsey was satisfied with Lee, he’d rub her clit making her orgasm Lee was sucking off Zac Miller’s little dick for Kelsey’s amusement. Zac ejac’d quickly while Lee engulfed him totally. Lee loves to secretly hide and video Kelsey getting fucked. Jon Sizemore is who Kelsey’s with now. I’ve asked Kelsey To give Jon a blowjob while she watches her ex husband swallow her new husbands load. Gunk gunk gunk gunk.

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