Laurentia Suciu – United Kingdom

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July 2018 met Laurentia suciu on plenty of fish a dating site, where our relationship happen quite quickly and was very full on, until 3 weeks, after we had met, I started to get pariniod as he was still on the above dating site, which tells you, when you are last active, time and date, but he was dening everything, saying that my mates was spying on him, and getting angry towards me for questioning it, after putting it to the back of my head and carrying on, I had a message from a woman he had been seeing the whole time I thought, which lead me to find this, HE IS A SERIAL CHEAT, AND USES THESES SITE’S TO TARGET VUNRABLE WOMAN, ALWAYS HAVE, AND DON’T THINK HE’S HAD 1 RELATIONSHIP WITHOUT CHEATING!!!!!! ONE DAY HE WILL DO THIS TO THE WRONG WOMEN, BUT IN THE MEANTIME I’M THINK HE SHOULD BE BANNED FROM USING THESES SITE’S.

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