Lauren Laspina Paoletti – Colorado

She goes by Lauren Laspina Paoletti, Lauren La Spina, Lauren Laspina and ducatilauren. She is a cheater living in Colorado who has extramarital affairs and unprotected sex while traveling for work. She also continues unwanted contact for YEARS after she has slept with someone. She is known to have had an affair just 1 yr after getting married – which I was unaware of at the time. She will text in the middle of the night, as well as call and email. Is known to ask other people to look up info for her on the men she seems obsessed with once they have blocked her. She should focus her priorities on her poor son and either get divorced or get help to try and repair her marriage and stop these sexually dangerous, immoral and harassing behaviors. One can only hope she gets tested regularly for stds. Please Just stop and leave me alone. I’m not attracted or interested in you at all. Move on with your life and let me move on with mine. I am also quite certain your employer would not approve of your behaviors while your traveling as a representative of their company. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME EVER AGAIN. I want nothing more to do with you. I don’t know how much clearer I can be.

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