Lauren La Spina Paoletti – Colorado

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Gave my husband a blowjob. Found out she also is a married mom. Were you thinking of your child and/or husband at any point while you sucked my husband penis? Did they ever cross your mind or did it ever cross your mind that he also was married with children? Currently I feel you are a poor role model for your child and a horrible spouse. They both deserve better. I wish them the best and hope they can heal from the pain you have caused, because it IS painful. I also hope you get help to understand why you feel the need to cheat. I wish you no ill will. In fact, I feel sorry for you in some ways. I’m guessing you have an underlying condition or unmet need that caused you to do this stuff. Please get professional help to figure out why you are doing these things. I hope you do indeed decide to seek out help and wish you luck.

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