Landie Urban – Texas

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Landie Urban 1-8-99 is a walking std. We went to Denton & she was always crazy chasing boys who did not want her. Landie is a whore, now one that’s HIV+. Back in hs she was thin & I saw her at Target omfg she is 70 pounds fatter. We’re so tired of her talking about Thrive- it does not work. If it did she would have lost pounds she gained. Landie latched on to Max, and word is he still loves his ex. We all laugh at how dumb Landie looks & at her nasty hair w/ the dark roots & fried ends. Stupid Landie will take anything with a penis- she has no self esteem. Oh well she won’t be around when it soon gets to AIDS. Landie is disgusting, lots of people say their stomach turns from looking at her & how hideous she got since high school. Can only imagine how enormous she’ll be at the 5 yr reunion.

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