Kyle Unland – California

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This poor Exuses for a male, Is kyle unland! He hates it when u leave him so he makes up bullshit , he lies, he hurts woman and children! I think he is lower then dirt, He needs to be in jail for what he did to my mother! He backed his truck up, & had my moms arm pinned between his truck and the wall! I will see to it, once he gets off this mother fucker goes to jail! Point blank! He needs to go to jail and become someone’s bitch, No wonder he has a tiny dick He thinks he can be mr fucking bad ass but had a tiny penis.Besides that, she is doing better, My mom is doing wayyyyyy better now that she has a man, That will protect her, Hey kyle, U like watching teen poor, but what about abuse porn & Doggie porn, Next time get a better hacking skill bitch!

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