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I have a story to tell that I am not proud of but need to share so not another woman suffers what I went thru.
I was living with my boyfriend when I met JOE CHOSNEY who initially was very charming extremely suave considerate kind gentle and amusing who knew all the right things to say. I was smitten and we became lovers even though he had a girlfriend of over 10 yrs who lived with him when she didn’t have to leave to take care of family business.
When she would leave he and I would go to his apt and initially engage in the most incredible sex I have ever experienced. If we couldn’t’ use his apt because she had returned I’d meet him in our bldg parking garage and we would have a quickie in his car. We were lovers for almost 4 yrs when things started to deteriorate In the beginning CHOSNEY appeared to be very loving but as our affair progressed his true personality started to emerge. He physically hurt me thru extremely rough and aggressive intercourse. It was tantamount to rape. He forced anal sex on me against my will and threatened to tell my boyfriend if I refused to submit to his abusive treatment of me. He was fond of knives and guns of which he claimed to own many and moth than once he ripped and cut my clothes off before penetrating me. Other times he’s pointing a gun at me and tell me to strip and then had me suck him till he came in my mouth, He would handcuff me to either his bed or a table blindfold me and then proceed to pinch my nipples till I cried, used a butt plug and dildo in me simultaneously with vigorous plunging in and out. Or he would straddle me and force his penis in my mouth causing me to choke until he came in my mouth. What started as a warm loving affair had turned into sexual and psychological abuse. When I tried to end our affair he threatened to not only tell my boyfriend but my section chief as well which would have meant immediate dismissal. I was stuck and afraid. His treatment of me became more abusive when he realized that I was trapped. I was scared and contemplated suicide. The only thing that stopped me was that my daughter had a little girl and I wanted desperately to watch my granddaughter grow up. I suffered thru this until he retired and moved to Fl in 2010. I was relieved but an incident happened before he left that will haunt me forever and is another reason I am telling my story.

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