Jaclyn Barone — Brooklyn, New York

This girl Jaclyn Barone was a friend, I knew her for years. My fiancé had struggled with addiction, and as a part of his road to recovery, entered a co-ed rehab facility. She recognized him upon her arrival, and followed him around like a hungry puppy. She told him lies about me to make it look like she was trying to help him, and after about 3 days of flirting, they left the program and got high together… and then HAD UNPROTECTED SEX IN A STAIRWELL OF AN APARTMENT BUILDING. He kicked her out, and when the high wore off, felt so bad he called me and came home. That night he told me EVERYTHING, in tears. He begged for help and forgiveness. I was destroyed, but being a better woman… I forgave him, and got him the help he needed. He is a much better version of himself now, and we have worked on our problems to a point where we are better than we ever were… BUT I STILL HAVEN’T DEALT WITH HER YET. From what I hear she is still right where she was, running the streets and looking for other homes to wreck.


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