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This chick has an enflated ego issue turned into sleeping with any man that has a pulse, including mine! First off, lets dive into her looks. At best, she is a transvestite. Which make the whole affair she had with my husband that much worse! I guess when a man views you as a 711, open all kinds of hours, he would much rather choose that convenience over having to make a marriage work. She also slept with out coworkers boyfriend as well. Nothing is off limits for this CUNT. She has lived in our town of paris tx less than a year and has literally made her mark. She has lost custody of her kids and lost her last job due to drug use, specifically, vicodin, oxycotin, and heroin. My man and I made it work, but I carry the burden of the pain that my man left me for a worn out looking bloated goat like this.

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