Cori Lundeen Aka Morty Mcflyy — Fargo, North Dakota

Cori Lundeen and my bf of 12 years were sex chattin after meeting on a ride share supposedly. She knew I existed and decided to be his side b***h because shes nasty AF and has no integrity and will sleep with you for drugs. Would message him randomly to “swoop her up” because “shit at home is rough”. He moved out after a family loss and devided to have sex with her while trying to get back with me. He would call with her next to him and invite me over to chill probably trying to get me to have a three some. He would lie about screwing her and say he wanted me more than anything or anyone. When I was angry she would tell him how I needed to act like, she has no say in my actions or thoughts towards the person who decided to throw us away.


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