Cheyanne Lee – Oklahoma

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My husband out of nowhere starts acting weird. Talked to him constantly as he worked out of state. One day wakes up in a shitty mood says I want a divorce… ummm ok, I thought he was joking. Not in the least. It got bad, I cried, and our 2 girls watched me fall apart. I begged for a reason, begged for him to come home… nothing. 2 weeks in I am a complete wreck. I drive to Oklahoma and he meets me. We talk, he just says he needs time to think, he loves me, blah blah! Of course while I’m there I go through EVERYTHING. No signs of cheating. He gets mean again as soon as I return home. I drive back and watch him and nothing. 5 weeks in and I’m dying… not sleeping, not eating, and neglecting my girls which he’s not calling! I drive back this time with my oldest she stated I want to see my daddy! Were in Oklahoma sitting close to his work place and I call him. My daughter and I both spoke to him and before hanging up he says “ok I got to go back to work.” Seconds later he passes me!!! My gears changed quick, I followed him to walmart and waited for over an hour, and nothing so I think, ok he’s getting a hair cut… waited another hour… nothing! I call the salon and ask how long the wait is she says there hasnt been a wait! IT CLICKED. I walked in Walmart behind the registers as if I were checking out and there he was and THERE Cheyanne Lee WAS holding his hand laughing!!! My mind went nuts!!! He was facing her and could not see me so I walked in and called him by name! Her face was priceless she quickly moved away and he just knew he was screwed!! She played it off good there but the bitch had already been sleeping in my bed, in my travel trailer, using my shampoo, seeing my sh*t everywhere. Ugh we argued I walked out went home and filed for DIVORCE!! Not even a week later my man was home begging for forgiveness. It was hard but almost 4 years later that HOMEWRECKER has no affect on my marriage. How they met I blame myself, we moved from Shawnee to Ada and he needed a haircut. I went with him and saw Cheyanne the first time so she knew he was married and did not care! He wore a ring everyday. She even told me she didn’t care, she just wanted him. That there ladies is what is wrong with this generation… mind you she is only 9 years older than oldest child… ugh still makes me cringe.

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