Chef Martin Buehner, Ontario – Canada

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Martin Buehner is a cheater, liar and narcissist. He was brutally abusive and neglectful to his ex-wife and cheated on her their entire marriage. He was cheated over and over again. He works as a chef at the Old Mill Toronto. He also works part-time as an instructor at Humber College in Toronto. Don’t let him disarm you with his faux friendly personality. If you can treat someone you were with for decades like he did his ex-wife who did nothing to him, then he is not a very nice person. He has been fired from 4 jobs over his career. He left his ex for slut and desperate lonely loser Nilsa Basilio(Buehner). She was so desperate not to lose him she got pregnant before Martin even filed for divorce. She had two kids with him before the divorce papers were even served. He only did so because his ex has to phone him to file, because she couldn’t afford to do so and wanted him to deal with it. Even before the divorce papers were served, he and his mistress, now wife, Nilsa Basilio had announced their wedding on The Knot. These two are so classy. He didn’t care how much he hurt his vulnerable ex.

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