Anna Wojtak – New Jersey

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This woman has been scamming money from our Father. We have had our Dad followed and our parents vehicle monitored to confirm our suspicions. Anna has been having an affair with our Dad who isn’t Americanized and overly generous. He is told by Anna on many recording including their discussions about how sad she is for her son who is a felon, having to be with a dying woman. Our Dad felt sorry for Anna and gave her money to pay for her sons wedding and dinner party. Anna Wojtak is scamming our Dad, and when we finally had the strength to confront her since our Mom was so distraught, Anna did nothing but slur her words, spit in my face and scream obscenities to me. I informed Anna we had done extensive research on her. She tells my Dad she was a teacher and her husband left her broke. Our research confirmed all of this to be false, in fact Anna Wojtak is classified as mentally insane alcoholic addicted to pills and booze. Her last employer confirmed with my family member in law enforcement that Anna was terminated for alcohol abuse on the job as well as assault on her peers. Anna Wojtak is a liar and home wrecker that’s taken tons of my Mom and Dads hard earned money with all her potty stories. All while taking money off the government. Anna is on recording telling my Dad she’s never been romanticized like this and that her ex husband Kenneth Wojtak Sr gave her genitalia warts and many STDs. We have played the recordings for her family members and even tried to reason with this drunk insane woman to refrain from seeing our Dad. She has threatened self harm and was recently spotted downtown Brick NJ walking in the streets to purchase alcohol. Her peers at church also confirmed Anna is mentally insane and causes havoc between the people at the church even her own neighbors told us all of her episodes. We have proof of the affair and all conversations. Anna was so drunk she even left her phone in our Mother’s vehicle! This woman is a scam artist drunk abusive woman that will steal your Dad’s money and make you feel sorry for her. She tried to fight me when I visited her home to speak with my Dad. Anna Wojtak is living in a crack hours owned by an elderly woman listed as a Barbara Hood, currently being investigated and under surveillance for drug trafficking and purchasing alcohol and illegal drugs for minors. Her two neighbors confirmed they also have video of the activities going on in the home. Our Father is being taken for a ride by this crazy woman. She continues to make threats and will not stop seeing our Dad, causing our Mom many issues and loss of funds. Anna Wojtak Brick NJ

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