Yesenia Benitez Delbrey – Texas

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Disgusting fat uneducated whale work dead end job at McKinney Fiesta Auto Sales. Keeps calling n texting n sexting my husband and his 70 year old dad to fuck her or repossess car, she only take cash for payment n doing fraud n not posting payments. Yesenia divorced twice n every guy she with winds up behind bars for six abuse. She make her daughter lie to police. She try to have my husband arrested, police called but thankfully they got Maylene to confess her mommy made her lie. Yesenia try to reinvent herself as Yesi Lovens. Ain’t nothing loving about the fat gross cold hearted bitch. She try to run me over at Albertsons too. Word around town is Yesenia is HIV positive. Here is one photo she sexted my husband.

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