Yana Kreslavskaya – California

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My Girl Gone Bad… We were in a relationship for 3 or 4 months, Her name is Yana Kreslavskaya, also goes by the name of Yada Daimean, without telling me nothing,She started seeing some piece of shit, robert springer of richmond cali, Come to find out she having this dude stay over at her apt, then I staked it out and caught the both low lifes leaving her place one early morning, come to find out he is already married, Anyway got my keys back, But jump ahead a few months and her and some other slut come by and sale me some stuff, plus she got a advancement on her pay, she was suppose to work the next day, Well she never did show up for work, but someone ripped me off that day, when I went to work, well I look at my neighbors cameras, and there she is, with her fat slug friend from S.F. Sorry I Dont know her name, and it just goes on & on, She was fun at first but then her lies & whoring ways fucked up everything, Dont waist your time on this slut! Her true colors will come through sooner or later!

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