VanLerberg, Patrick – Kansas

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I was with Patrick for two years wheres he cheated on me with 10-15 women from POF, Craigslist, adult friend finder as well as with ex girlfriends. I saw he was exchanging nudes and asking for explicit sexual favors. Some of the women even contacted me through facebook. I’m an idiot and believed he would stop and married him. Right before our one year anniversary I found exchanges with a women on CG as well as an extensive search history looking for hookers on CG. He was never home and for some reason always had to work all night very often, he is self employed. He has an addiction and it will never stop. He is currrently online dating again on pof as pcvmet- we are divorced it is fine- however, he is lying about his age, occupation and is saying he is an honest and loyal person.

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