Stephanie Lord – Massachusetts

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Stephanie Lord of Medfield, Ma left her husband of nearly 10 years and 4 young children to attend a funeral in New Jersey over a weekend at beginning of January 2018. While at the funeral she reunited with a childhood friend who was grieving the loss of his family member, battling alcoholism and soon to be unemployed. By the end of Month Stephanie had filed for divorce, pursued her new relationship. She immediately started a full relationship before the divorce could be finalized and while Stephanie and her husband were through to be working to rekindle all aspects of their marriage she continued to enagage in the affair. In June, she brought her 4 children on what was said to be a vacation to Jersey Shore, however, she immediately dropped off her 4 children with family members in Jersey and continued driving alone to meet her new boyfriend 2 hours away in Delaware where she spent the weekend. In July, she refused to allow her husband to have the kids during her weekend and instead dropped them off in New Hamsphire while she drove back to Delaware to be with her boyfriend.

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