Serial Cheater Kristie – Kentucky

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Kristie kate mikel (Kristie Ammons or Kristie Hess) is a lying cheating manipulator creature with NO heart. She has destroyed many families from Mt Vernon, Wa to Louisville, Ky. She can’t have her own kids, so she targets men with small children, usually men she works with. She cheated on her first husband repeatedly until he kicked her out. She moved to Louisville to find a man she had fantasized about for over 20 yrs. She did find him happily married with children & he wanted nothing to do with her, so being desperate for someone to take care of her she broke up a 30 yr friendship with her lies and married Robert a divorced, lonely desperate man. He knows she doesn’t love him, only herself & still her true love that doesn’t & never did love her, she lived and still lives in a fantasy world believing one day they will still be together, but until know she uses Robert to take care of her. He just bought her a new house so she wouldn’t leave him. She is evil & can NOT be trusted. She will pretend to be your friend while trying to seduce your husband.

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