Michelle Nagel – Kentucky

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This woman was my friend of 30 years and started sleeping with my husband .. no longer was she doing this she was pretending to be my friend and giving some advice to me .. Well in the mean time I made my husband leave then she told her husband she had to watch my granddaughter. The man for months cried like a baby for months they were married thirty years and me 25.. while my granddaughter was fighting for her life in the hospital which it’s his granddaughter too called and said they were shutting every utility off in my house empty the bank accounts and left me and this baby with nothing.. then my husband bought me new furniture for pur anniversary she wanted it so the furniture was taken.. no longer has she made him get rid of his kids .. we have one daughter together .. and told her she was not welcome into their home until she loves her and her kids.. no longer did my daughter start doing drugs they wouldn’t help her .. She only asked for tampons and she told her to bleed all over herself.. and she is a treacherous snake no longer did I win my house and car in divorce she won’t let him give it to me so they gave it to complete strangers .. putting me and this baby out on the streets .. but my son and daughter in law stepped in.. and the biggest one is my granddaughter is four and was being molested by her father and no longer was she a snake and gave him the money to try and file still to get her .. it never stops but go to church and act like Mary poppins .. they are both at fault you can’t always blame her but she is 95 percent responsible .. if you guys would see the messages you guys would understand

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