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First of all, let me start out by saying that I cannot believe I am here writing this, but I guess I have to play her at her own game, as there’s multiple pages on here about me written by her. I’m sorry if this story isn’t filled with blowjobs and infidelity, as this woman is a different type of homewrecker, actually, an attempted homewrecker (her messages and attacks are just making HER look stupider and stupider). Although I think this post is better suited for a page, unfortunately one does not exist. Let’s back up 4 years ago. I met her husband in an EMT class. We started talking, laughing, flirting, etc., as the man never wore his ring, nor did he indicate that he was married. A little bit into it, he tells me he is going through a divorce, still lives with his wife for now, blah blah blah. That should have been clue #1 to GTFO. I was young, I didn’t care, I can wait. Well, one day I get a call from her, saying something along the lines of, “I don’t know what my husband is telling you….we’re not getting divorced….stay the f**k away from him”. Ok great, sure, whatever, I was starting to think he was a little weird anyway. That same day, I dropped the class, as to not have to see or deal with him again, and blocked all means of communication. After that, there were 2 or 3 instances where we ran into each other at a nearby hospital, where we were both dropping patients off. It was the quick, in passing, “hi, how are ya? Ok good great, bye.” Also, in both instances, after the patients were dropped off, he ran up to me outside the hospital and said, “if you get a call from an 858 number, it’s my wife.” Um, ok whatever, haven’t seen you in months, you’re weird anyway. Odd. Fast forward to last September-ish. I get a random text from her with a bunch of inquiries about what went on between her husband and I. When I explained to her that nothing physically happened, I guess she didn’t like that answer, and assumed I was lying to her. It was then she accused me of making her husband unwillingly drive me down a back road for a blow job. How does one make someone else unwillingly drive down a back road, pull over and take their pants off, without a gun pointed to their head? If that were the case, why wasn’t a police report filed? Oh, you guessed right…. It never happened. Well, that wasn’t the end of it. Stalker woman didn’t like what I was saying, so opted for other methods. It was then she got in touch with a local paramedic agency who I don’t work for, complaining about how I was throwing myself at her husband in front of patients at the hospital. Oh I was? Funny, no one else reported that, other than the woman who wasn’t there. Well, the chief of that agency gave her the contact information for MY boss, who she then contacted. After an investigation which was unfounded, she didn’t stop there. She then contacted my boss’ bosses, the local Town Board. Of course, they looked into it as well, and once again, it was unfounded. Surprise, surprise. I still have my job… Me-1, Stalker Woman-0. But that just wasn’t enough for her, she needed revenge! She needed to get her way! Well, she went on to the paramedic agency’s (the one I DON’T work for) Facebook page, and left 1 star reviews with a comment and link to the homewrecker page she wrote about me, both from her normal Facebook page, and one from a fake page she made. Oh man, you’re so tough. Not a 1 star review! Oh, the humanity. She then proceeds to message my mother, my sister, and my fiancé on Facebook. She says to my mom, “Did you raise your daughter to only chase after married men?” My sister roasted her, and my fiancé blocked her. He knows the story. It gives us something to laugh about. I had to go to the State Police as it was becoming borderline harassment. They called her, not like that stopped her. She then messages my daughter’s father, asking him if he knew what I was doing with her husband when I should have been with my daughter. No, can you elaborate? What was I doing? When he asked her for some sort of proof multiple times, she came up short. Nothing. Why? Because there is none! She then messages my fiancé’s father and sister, who went ahead and blocked her. Oh, let’s go back to Christmas Day, 2017. Now mind you, the stalker woman and I have 0 mutual friends, and she lives over an hour away. She knows no one in my family, none of my friends, etc. I have her blocked on Instagram, but somehow she managed to find my sister and was watching her Instagram story on Christmas Day. CHRISTMAS DAY! Go spend time with your kids, you psychopath. Isn’t it obvious by now that nothing you say or do is going to get me to lose my job or for my fiancé to take the ring back? Jeez. 3 days ago, she tries following my daughter’s father on Instagram, commenting on the one picture of our daughter, saying, “ugly, fat and redheaded.” Mind you, he has pictures up of himself, so I don’t know why she chose to comment that on a picture of my daughter. It’s safe to assume that she’s jealous of how much cuter my daughter is than any one of her kids. The story ends there for now, but I’m sure I or someone I know will be hearing from her again soon. So yeah, her attempt at homewrecking sucks, but makes for a couple good laughs. Maybe if she spent as much time on her relationship family as she does stalking me and mine, her husband wouldn’t be telling women he’s getting divorced. I don’t blame him for trying to get out, I would too if my significant other was as batshit crazy as she is. Nothing screams insecurity more than a hyphenated first name Facebook and Instagram page. This has been going on for 4 years now, when the hell will it stop? When she finds him telling another woman hes getting divorced? Or when it finally happens?

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