Leona Tanner, Ottumwa – Iowa

Had an affair with my husband for a year and a half. I was pregnant most of their relationship. She’s married and has 2 kids, but is still with her husband. Her husband also knows about their affair but continues to stay with her. My husband and I have 3 kids, and she knew about me the whole time but still continued to have sex with my husband in her car, in a park. They work in the same mall, that’s how they met. I am disgusted about the entire thing. she showed up to my house after my husband dumped her and told me everything while I was holding my 3 month old baby. Didn’t feel guilty at all.Even confessed to punching him after he ended it. She’s a whore. Had the nerve to try and justify their affair. I’m not mad at just her, my husband played an equal part. Watch your husbands around this one, because she has zero morals and doesn’t care about ripping a family apart. She’s also into men that are about 20 years younger than her. I feel bad for her husband and kids. He’s a guidance counselor at a school here in town,, and still continues to stay with her. Woman is in her mid 40’s and has no self regard for anyone but herself. I would go into all the details but I have a little bit of class and consider just outing her enough. I don’t need to rip her to shreds. Karma will do its job.

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