Justin Bernil – Illinois

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I know Justin Bernil is a habitual Cheater, I know this because he would tell me about his escapades. Justin seeks out the vulnerabilities in others and uses them to obtain what he wants; when he met me I was just out of a DV relationship, living in a city not home. I met him on a 911 call, which should have lasted at the most 30 minutes, but lasted at least 2 hours. After leaving my home, Justin phone at least 2 for additional information. I actually felt special and that he cared for my safety, that wasn’t the case. We began seeing each other and all though the relationship was wrong, Justin is married, it was causal and it felt safe. The only part of the relationship which tormented me was that Justin knew things he should not have been able to know – he seemed to know my whereabouts, phone conversations I had with others, he phoned me one day on a Sunday – the only day I ever had another date while in Dallas, I don’t know how he knew. I did leave Dallas, staying on friendly terms with Justin. I returned to Dallas and our relationship resumed, but we seemed to be even closer, he had some life changing situations occur within his family and I listened to him, even advised at times. We had a friendship and a sexual relationship – we had a relationship. When he had successes, he called me – when something didn’t go quite right – he talked to me. He was trying to buy a car, which would not have been a good move for him, I was the one who took her time to work it through with him. We parted ways and I did tell his wife. Of course I was to blame, Justin is not an adult making decisions for himself. I don’t know what he told her, but I am sure he didn’t paint a realistic picture of who I am. I am an educated, kind, caring woman who ended up in a bad place and made a bad decision to date a married man and ended up caring about him. When this happened I tried to break it off with him, I decided to go on a date with a man I had dated 20 years earlier. I met him in Houston for dinner, Justin called throughout the night. My date, grew concerned about Justin’s obsessiveness, I looked the other way. After the final break up, Justin and another DPD officer were sighted in the garage where I worked, Justin appeared to be the lookout – in case I came out, which I did. When Justin saw me, he fled in his patrol car, almost hitting pedestrians, he needed to find the other patrol car, who I believed to be a police officer friend of Justin. The building security told me, the police were never called and the officers told them they had the wrong address – I don’t believe this for a minute. Another evening, after buying a new phone, a DPD officer blocked me at the lake from leaving after completing my run at 9 PM. That same evening, numerous Private Line calls came in starting at 3 AM. I don’t think this is a coincidence, it was a new phone and he had lost his ability to track me.

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