Jusin Bradley – California

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Justin Bradley is a piece of s*** cheating bastard who is f****** his sister’s niece she is a 20 year old prostitute nasty ass b**** she had an obsession with him for 7 years while I was with him and as soon as I wasn’t around she spread her legs he is a cheating narcissist loser of a father who is a rat piece of s*** and doesn’t deserve the Beautiful woman that I am he can go f*** himself along with his nasty ass b**** karma is a b**** this b**** actually thinks that he hasn’t been cheating on her with me since they started dating I was with him for 7 years and 3 days after we got in a fight he knocked her up he has five kids and only wants more kids so he can sit on welfare and not work because he is not a man his b**** sleeps on his sister’s couch like the bum ass skank she is if she really thinks that he won’t run back to me again and again every single time they get in a fight she must be as dumb as she looks he is a piece of s*** to me and he’s going to be a piece of s*** to her and she deserves every piece of it she is a home wrecking skank. She can have fun thinking that he actually never slept with me while he told her they were together and he loves her because he was telling me the same thing while f****** me

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