Jess Caligari — Winter, California

Hardcore Scene wives be aware of this one, Jess Caligari takes fan to a whole new level by offering herself up to husbands, not caring that she is breaking up a home, I had heard of her before this most recent incident, and was warned by a friend’s boyfriend that she is generally up to no good. She takes pride in stalking taken men, going after them with a vengeance, even after they break things off with her repeatedly… and as far as hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, I got a call from a mutual friend tonight that she just blew up his marriage by messaging his wife screen shots of texts and pictures of them together, saying vile things to this poor woman who had no idea that her world was about to collapse, all because her husband broke things off with her (Jess). She took pride in hurting someone after she wrecked their home. It’s disgusting, and I am ashamed to say that I know her, and my heart breaks for this recent family that she hurt. Just be aware when you see her, she obviously doesn’t have a problem being the other women, so odds are, if you’re with her, she has no problem cheating on you as well. The saddest part of all of this on top of what she does to other’s marriages is the example she sets for her young son, my biggest fear is that he will grow up thinking it’s ok to cheat on your spouse or intentionally hurt people. There is a part of me that hopes she thinks long and hard about her actions and avoids repeating this vicious cycle, but I doubt she will, being selfless does not really suit her selfish and uncaring mentality.


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