Jamal Massari – Arizona

Jamal Massari stole my emerald and diamond necklace. I was dating Jamal Massari, aka, Jamal Judai. I asked him to take a necklace that belonged to my Mother, to get it appraised at the jewelers. Instead of doing that, he made up a story that he hid the necklace in the mountain where a lot of hikers go. Truth is that he stole it thinking it was worth tens of thousands, maybe even more.
After I thought the necklace was gone forever, Jamal confessed to me that he still had it and had all the diamonds, over 8 carats, taken out of the necklace, and the giant Emerald, removed from the necklace. He also had the gold melted and sold.
He then proceeded to sell the diamonds and Emerald online in different Facebook groups and jewelry brokers forums. He is a dishonest person. I even told his parents and they lied and said they didn’t know where he was living when he was still living with them. This isn’t the first thing he stole from me. He also stole my carpet cleaning machine, my playstation, my auto diagnostic computer and who knows what else he got away with!


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