Eugen Volokh Creepy – California

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Eugen Volokh Creepy Messages and Aggressive Unwanted Advances. As part of the #METOO Movement I think it’s time I break my silence against the very creepy and over all aggressive sexual advances that professor Eugene Volokh has made against me. He would approach me to meet with him after class and asked for my number. Thinking maybe this will help my career and future I obliged. What followed were some photos of his private parts and multiple requests to meet with him at an undisclosed location. I told him I wasn’t interested in his advances and asked if he was married.

It’s time schools stop professors from taking advantage of their students with the threats of getting better grades. Volokh is no better than Harvey Weinstein and what he did to these poor actresses. I ask for other UCLA students who have been sexually harassed by Eugen to stand up and speak out as we must put an end to this.

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