Disbarred Convict Extortionist Attorney Maanit Zemel up in Canada Ontario Toronto Reviews Zemel van Kampen LLP Ryerson Law rate

Hello Community,

Meet our latest entrant: Ms. Maanit Zemel of Zemel Van Kamen LLP.

She’s an extortioner, liar, a cheater, a fraud, a convicted criminal, a sexual predator who goes for young hunky dudes and she has a tendency to subvert due process when duping an unsuspecting Judge to sign off on her latest scheme-for-profit. She’s alledgedly filed fake DMCA complaints and either has a judge in her pocket or is very crafty when dealing with local Magistrates. She scams victims out of money by filing fake DMCA complaints and fake court orders. She may be acting alone or have yet unidentified accomplices (we’re still in the early stages of discovery but have an unconfirmed report that she’s in touch with other well known cyber extortionists).

Information is starting to trickle in, this cyber scam is International in scope:

Maanit Zemel up in Toronto Canada may file a real DMCA complaint to have this post or her likeness removed; if so, we would like to see an updated photo, not the stock photo of days gone by. We will add the updated photo to the counternotice to have the post restored. This will be good for tracking purposes, as keeping the community informed with updates helps keep us all safe from predatory practices.

We doubt, at this time, that she has any United States Judges in her pocket but, we’re still in the beginning stages of our investigation. is also on the case and may have more to confirm. PLEASE, if you have additional information which you think may help stop this predator, don’t hesitate to be a part of the process. You may submit it anonymously and we will take up the investigation to build the case. Make no mistake, she’s not innocent, and will be fully investigated and brought to justice. A Law Degree is for practicing law, not breaking the law. This can’t and won’t be twisted.


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