Dalton Rose – Florida

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I was dating this guy who used to live I Sarasota with his mother. He worked at la fitness in the Tampa area. That’s where I met him and shortly after we began to talk. We hung out frequently that after a while I felt comfortable in dating him. My last relationship of five years ended with me being cheated on. Well comes to find out after a year of dating, lots of up and downs and a girls name that kept popping up (of course he said they were work friends). I tell him I love him after a long strand of events. Three days later I find out he was in a full fledged relationship with that coworker. He no longer lived in Tampa and the only place to say was my own house where I live with two other girls. So not only was he staying here EVERY night, he was using me for a place to say and for sex. All the long while he would be with this other girl. He would tell me he was in Sarasota and that meant he was with her. And vise versa… I found out because I contacted the other girl who also didn’t know. This guy is a major d bag and deserves what’s coming to him. I no longer want him in my house and am only prentending to be okay with the situation but deep down I am so hurt. Avoid him at all costs. He knows what you want to hear.

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