Carly Randazzo — Gainesville, Florida

This little home wrecker began an internship at The quogue wildlife refuge on Long Island Ny in the summer of 2017. She and my long term boyfriend of 12 years worked there together very closely that summer. He’s 35 years old and lives with me and our 11 year old Son. She started perusing him relentlessly even though she knew all about his child and me. We were going through a tough time housing a family member who needed help. She saw the crack in our relationship and started becoming the person he escaped to. He told her no many times but she made herself available and used any and all means to be with him. I went to volunteer during July at the benefit for his work and I met her. The little bitch turned her head and wouldn’t look me in the eye when we were introduced. I didn’t know then what I know now. Of course it’s my boyfriends fault but she’s a little home wrecker for making herself available as a comfort station! She knew that she could offer fun and time away from problems at home while his son and I became the backdrop and low priority in his life. A person with any kind of integrity would have stepped back and said “there is a young boy who needs his daddy more than I need his d**k”. She had no regard for me what so ever. They had a full blown affair fueled by her constant attention, and accommodation. She went back to college in late August last summer but didn’t give up her home wrecking plans. She kept calling him and sending him naked pictures of herself bent over smacking her own ass and sent closeups shots of her pu$$y! He abandoned us emotionally and physically for her and went on two trips to Florida to see her and she came here over Christmas break! She has family in our area. Our son found pictures on his dads phone of the two of them kissing but I found so much more! This little bald pu$$ied home wrecker deserves a spot on your website. My family will be forever broken because of her selfish needs. She’s still at it! I hope no one important to you ever meets her!


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