Ben (benjamin) Silverman – Illinois

fedex delivery driver groomed my wife and manipulated her mind and she gave in and had affairs with him. they both lied countless times. went to the gym together. doing intimate things in my cars. telling my wife to leave me. he was planning to leave his wife and and have my wife run off with him. he took her to his recording studio with my kids where he plays the drums, he’s in a band he works out has big muscles, handsome and completely rotten and stupid inside. he got caught by his wife after his strange behavior which then led me finding out the very next day after his wife contacted my wife. my wife fell for him for being gullable and stupid and ungrateful. ben (benjamin) silverman complained and degraded his wife and told his co workers including my wife many mean and disrespectful things about his wife which many were not true. he is the biggest liar i’ve ever come across and as hard headed as they come. i spoke with my and his wife having a 4 way talk on the phone with my wife present and this guy just sees the situation as a simple human mistake and just move on like nothing happened. and he’s the one that got irritated in the end while he never seemed to think about how his wife felt or how i felt. he left bruises on his wife after she took his phone and he fought her for it. this guy is a beta male, disgrace to all men, to his family, friends, his wife, and himself. he’s pathetic and needs a complete turn around. my gut feeling (which i learned to finally trust) is telling me this guy will cheat again and again and again. hopefully im wrong for his wife’s sake (she is a very very good and smart person).


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