Trenton H Wieties – Illinois

Trent Wieties lives in Collinsville, Illinois and is a cheater and Liar. I know now his real name is Trenton Wieties. He pretends to be single and uses phone apps to contact women. He purposely looks for married woman with kids as he brags they are less likely to make a scene when he is done with them. He asks questions to get to know them and focuses on anything negative about you and spouse’s relationship in attempts to soften you for an affair and convince you he can make you happy. He uses the fact that he is a prison guard and in the military to attempt to gain your trust. He will say anything to sleep with you. Pretends he loves you and says he will move to live by you. Once he has an affair and screwed you then he tells you he is really married. I now know she is Sarah Wieties. He brags after he is done with you, how many girls he has been with all over the USA. says he travels on weekends using the military as his reasoning to his wife, but really to have one night stands and screw people. He brags his wife doesn’t know about most and has only caught him a few times but says she will never leave him anyway because she doesn’t work. He brags about how he even had affairs while she was pregnant. he purposely looks for family woman with children to do what he wants and have little recourse. He spends months saying lies to earn trust – he then convinces you to use snap chat to hide all things he will say with screen name TDUBZ19. Even once you realize he is a POS and tell him to leave you alone he doesn’t. he uses fake face book profiles to continue contacting you and keep calling you and even your work. This guy is a stalker after the fact. This guy will give someone a disease in the future and can’t be trusted. He brags about his conquest to get off after he has ruined your life and tries to ruin your marriage. All he cares about is sex and telling you all his lies once he is done with you to get off on himself. He tells you there is nothing you can do because if you do raise the issue the odds are it will ruin your marriage and hurt your family more. He enjoys humiliating you and telling you how many times he has done this after he is through with you. Stay AWAY at all cost and don’t get caught in this scam and manipulation as many others have. For those that have been caught in his web of lies get tested for you own sake.

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