Tony Atkins – Orlando, Florida

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A narcissistic pig! Manipulating con artist! Said from day one he was divorced. Builds your trust and showers you with attention and affection. STAY AWAY…Too good to be true!! Classic narcissist! His wife found out, threatened me, and he tried to make me out to be an angry side chick! ABSOLUTELY A LIE!!! Yes, I admit I fell for his lies. A long distance relationship. Crazy I know. But, he was good at manipulating everything. I refuse to take the fall for his evil and cruel intentions. He thought I would just walk away quietly and let him get away with this. He knows me better than that. Bash my character if you want. Lie to everyone if you want. But you know the truth! I told you from day one if you are married, got a girlfriend or whatever…I am not interested. I value my worth more than that. But you knew that I wouldn’t have given you the time of day if I knew the truth! Damn what has shit come to when men have got to go to such extents to get something that they should just leave the fuck alone. smh…Some of us are good people who are honest and trust. Not every woman needs to be anybody’s side chick. Next time find you one that is ok with that lane and has agreed to be in it. Cause this one sure as hell didn’t!!!

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