Tanicka Sherman – Georgia

This woman is not what you expect! She’s a hoe, and a lying scum. She’s been with a married man for 14yrd Ahmad Haniff Okelly aka Kassius Kakes. He was married and a cheating husband that was caught with prostitutes, strippers and was cheating on his wife many times. He’s a woman beater that places his ex wife in the hospital. This woman was his mistress Tanicka Sherman 2772 Norfair Loop Lithonia Ga 30038. She tried to befriend his wife while the whole time she was having sex with him. They try to paint a bad picture of the ex wife to have the public to humiliate her. But she knows the real truth of why the reason THE EX WIFE DIVORCED HIM. Be aware of her and the narcissist boyfriend. Oh and she GAVE HIM AN STD AFTER THE EX WIFE LEFT. To be continued……oh and the picture you see is in the ex wife son’s bed

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