Shawn Andexler – Ohio

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This guy is psychotic. He has hit me, broken my phones, and even blocked me from leaving the apartment we shared. I wasn’t allowed to talk to friends or even family members. He has threatened me into being with him by saying he was going to kill himself if I refused to be with him. He told me if I ever left or cheated, he would kill me and the guy. While I was pregnant, he told me his “goal” was to get me to miscarry and that he would laugh in my face when I did (because according to him, I deserved it). He owes me so much money, but I’ll never see a dime since he pays for sex off meetme. His parents always baby him and never admit he does wrong! His parents admitted they would lie for him it I ever took him to court for anything! His mom even pushed me and tried to rip my phone out of my hand while I was recording all that was going on for my safety. His dad pushed me on their porch while I was pregnant after Shawn had stolen my apartment key. He sleeps around and gives stds out like its nothing! Please watch out for this creep!!!

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