Scott Robin – Texas

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This pair of dumbass criminals has finally been exposed in Rockwall Texas. The scamming duo is Scott Robin Tatum and Crystal Tatum.

Scott Robin Tatum is a repeat felon with drug convictions in Texas. I’ve included a lovely mug shot of this fool. Since being released, he has been scamming insurance companies for hail damage, roofing, and fake injuries. The IRS got him and his scamming company (Oasis Construction) after he was sued a few times by customers and companies. Then he opened a few illegal gambling rooms and was busted by the police. Here’s a news clipping of where he tried but was shut down by the city for illegal gambling rooms. He brought illegal gambling, 3rd rate prostitution, and crappy drugs to the quiet suburb of Rockwall.

His partner, Crystal is his money launderer and bookkeeper. She works at a mortgage company in town, and when not busy cleaning up after her hubbie, she is on social media attacking women that work for him (fattie prostitutes and ugly chicks he is having an affair with). She caught him making regular visits to the town’s retirement home. He was banging one of the nurses in geriatric beds. She has been sued a few times for petty white collar crimes and taxes. For a change of pace, she likes to get in fender benders so she can sue someone.

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